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September 2021

Project Pigasus

A half Chicago theater and band party, half festival for audience event, YippieFest gave space to a community of fringe and mainstream artists and our tradition was to open and close with a community gathering and involving event. WE MISS YOU!

As we ease out of isolations, insisting upon reasonable safety and a new awareness in our dealings, we are launching an OPEN COLLABORATIVE PROJECT on our way to deciding how to make this year’s festival occur and in what manner. We offer up nine (9) themes. We seek the breadth and diversity of your interpretation using these themes as points of departure for PARTS OF SOMETHING LARGER in any media you choose. (a poem or stanza or couplet, a bass line, a sketch or a character with aims and circumstances, a series of images, of words, of objects; or services like master editor or photoshop whiz or proofreader or accompaniest)

POST HERE! share. steal. tag. Steal this work. Collaborate. Inspire each other! As a work in progress, in finding itself, we will seek to put up periodic postings in various media that share some stages of this forming process of group creation(s). So your contribution can be part of regular postings, of an eventual ZOOM festival, of the opening and finale of our YippeeFest – when we hope to all come together, in the best possible manner.

Everything will change. Nothing will go out as it came in. Do not censor yourself or seek hegemony. Be not afraid! This is a ‘Machine’ made up of all of us as parts, but worth more than the sum of its parts.

THEMES: Flower Power, Revolution, Conspiracy, Peace, Riot, Steal this Work, State of Mind, Junky, and freedom. Upon the PAGE of each theme, on the website, you will be able to initiate a project or contribute to an already shown one. Contributions will function like ‘layers’ in photoshop, where the addition, movement or editing of each contribution remains possible for recombinative work. One contribution can end up, shaped differently, in multiple work outcomes and combinations of collaborators, with different initiators.

To join Project Pigasus, let us know on your application and we'll send more information.

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