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August 14-16, 2020

Prop Thtr
3502 N Elston, Chicago    

Participation Information


Submit your application online and you will be given a link where you can change it any time (until final deadline). On the application is a place for a description and link to your website for the online schedule. There is NO application fee for YippieFest, plus each performer in your group and your tech person will get a weekend pass artist wristband to get into the fest at any time for free.


We will be having at least one meeting at the Prop THTR. The first one is TBA. Meetings are a good place to see the Prop's stages, back stages, and the sounds/lights setup.


After the application deadline (TBA), the fest will be scheduled. This process takes into account factors including show length and type of show. After every group is scheduled in the best available slots, a call for second performance times will be made by email and facebook group. Second perfrmances keep the shows running closer to 24/7 and it gives you a chance to perform again.


You must provide your own tech person if you need any light or sound cues. Both stages have a sound board with a 1/4" headphone jack input and a light board. Your tech person needs to know how to properly use them. They can learn how during tech week. Tech rehearsals are TBA and for theatre performers. Bands, films, and standups do not get a tech time. The drum kit and PA will not be there until Friday.

The Fest

When you arrive at the theatre, your group must show their individual artist wristbands every time they enter or they will have to pay to get in. The house manager on duty is available to answer any questions. Please load in and out for your show as quickly as possible, taking everything away that you brought in. The house manager will introduce your show. There may be a short performance, trivia, or impromptu performance between shows that require time to set up. Please stay within your allotted time. A digital clock will be visible from the stage if you need to know the time.

There will be a cash bar and we're looking into some food ideas. T-shirts will be made with your group name on the back and available for purchase. Support your fellow performers and have fun!

Band Info

All solo performers & bands welcome! There will be a full P.A. with microphones and monitors. There will be a full back line: bass amp and drum-kit for all bands to use. There will also be a couple guitar amps. Guitar players are free to bring their own amps. Drummers may want to bring their own cymbals and hardware. Set times and duration to be determined by Yippie Fest. Please let us know of any special set-up or unique instruments for your set. It is recommended that performers check in at least an hour before their set and confer with the sound tech to review setup.


Come early, stay late.  Let's all support each other. Yippie!

April 15, 2019
Applications NOW open

July 7, 2019
Deadline for applications

August 12-15, 2019
Tech week

August 16th 7PM
Start of YippieFest - Opening Ceremony

August 18th 11PM
Closing Ceremony

  • short plays
  • bands
  • stand-ups
  • storytellers
  • improv
  • sketch comedy
  • burlesque
  • short films
  • magicians
  • jugglers
  • dancers
  • vaudeville
  • and MORE
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